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Nindou guild on Reni Server (Runes of Magic)

Drama free and leecher free. Your worth is determined by the effort you exert. 

Nindou firmly believes in Quality > Quantity o.oV
Nindou News

Double EXP / TP

Castiliana, Jul 22, 11 3:39 PM.
July 22 -25 is Double EXP/TP yays!


Iyeaiu, Jun 27, 11 8:58 AM.
As requested we now have a facebook account: Nindou Reni

Feel free to spam (with moderation) o.ob

Level 10 Guild!!

Iyeaiu, Jun 13, 11 11:48 AM.
Nice work everyone .. we hit level 10 in less than 2 weeks...thank you for all your hard work :D 

Our first SW!!

Iyeaiu, Jun 1, 11 4:29 AM.

Level 9 Guild

Iyeaiu, Jun 1, 11 4:22 AM.
Yay us! :DD

Nindou hit level 9 guild in less than 1/2 a day through a 5 (wo)man effort!! 
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